Webster Elementary School


  1. A parent chaperone is there to assist the teacher and all of the children, not only the parent's child.

  2. The most important consideration on a school trip is the safety of each and every child. A parent chaperone's primary responsibility is to supervise the children to ensure their safety.

  3. Take an active role in monitoring the children's behavior, including correcting them when necessary. Bring more serious or repeated problems to the attention of the teacher.

  4. Webster students are expected to listen, participate and behave appropriately. A parent chaperone is expected to actively support these expectations with the students he/she is supervising.

  5. Turn off your cell phones and beepers and do not use them except in case of emergency. Your full attention is needed to supervise our students.

  6. Do not bring your younger children.

  7. Make every effort to understand the teacher's standards and expectations and provide consistent support.

  8. Make sure your group is returned to the teacher with all students present and accounted for.

  9. Do not stop on the way home for an ice cream or other food or errands. We need everyone to return together.

  10. Our teachers and students need parent chaperones in order to have classroom field trips. Please keep in mind how important you are and how much we are relying on you.

Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District