Webster Elementary School


District Wellness Policy

The Board of Education recognizes that sound nutrition, optimal physical fitness, emotional well being, and the adoption of life long healthy habits correlate with learning readiness, academic achievement, and decreased discipline problems.  Life long healthy habits include the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables and daily physical fitness activities.  Such habits can prevent Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and osteoporosis.

The policy includes the following statement with respect to the food we are allowed to serve to students in school:
All food and beverages served or sold anywhere on campus during one-half hour before or one-half hour after school hours will meet or exceed Senate Bill 12 . . . guidelines.

Those guidelines for food that may be served are as follows:

  1. Not more than 35% of its total calories shall be from fat.
  2. Not more than 10% of its total calories shall be from saturated fat.
  3. Not more than 35% of its total weight shall be composed of sugar, including naturally occurring and added sugar.
  4. Not more than 175 calories per individual food item.

These guidelines are difficult to interpret and understand, but it is clear that most desserts are not allowed.  Our goal is to state a school policy that is simple and easily understood.

Webster School Wellness Policy


  1. Comply with District policy and State law
  2. Limit the occasions during the school year when food is served to our students in the classroom
  3. Eliminate candy and desserts such as doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and cakes entirely
  4. Encourage students to eat healthier foods that they will still enjoy, especially fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Relieve parents of the obligation to bring treats to class for their children’s special occasions because, “All of the other kids’ moms bring in cupcakes”
  6. Preserve class time for instruction


  1. All food served at school will comply with Senate Bill 12 requirements.
  2. If teachers elect to celebrate students’ birthdays in school, there will be one such celebration per month for all students with birthdays in that month.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated in August or September.  There will be no food allowed at these monthly birthday celebrations.
  3. Student-of-the-Week and similar events will not include food.
  4. Parents may bring food to school only when invited to do so by the teacher for a planned activity or party.
  5. Celebrations of holidays and other special events may be planned by teachers and food may be included on these occasions.  These events are opportunities to model healthy eating habits for our students.
  6. Teachers may integrate the preparation and consumption of food into lessons related to the classroom curriculum
  7. These guidelines will be observed consistently throughout the school

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